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Sharing Beautiful Moments

Beneath the skin, beyond the imperfections.

Empathy, Kindness and Wisdom

Three words guide GrannyMani. They are Empathy, Kindness, and Wisdom. 

Empathy because “Beneath the skin beyond the imperfections and into the true heart of being we are more alike my friend than we are unalike”—Maya Angelou. 

Kindness because "the goal is not to perfect yourself, it is to perfect your kindness."—Jack Kornfield.

Wisdom because "Wisdom is about recognizing what we’re really seeking: connection and love."—Arianna Huffington


The way we facilitate intergenerational connections is through the simple sense of touch, the smell of lavender, the sight of a warm smile, and the sound of your name—said clearly and affectionately—by a GrannyMani volunteer.


We are dedicated to facilitating intergenerational connections in the Greater Hartford area in senior centers, residential communities and skilled nursing facilities. 
We are actively building connections in traditionally under served and marginalized populations. We have worked with 7 communities in CT to date and referrals are available upon request.

¡Hablamos Español!

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