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GrannyManicurists are the most essential part of the GrannyMani Team. Typically our GrannyManicurists volunteer in pairs for two hours of service at a time. Many say the time they spend with our clients is the highlight of their week and gives them heightened sense of meaning and purpose in their everyday lives.


Make new friends and keep the old one is silver and the other gold.”

Why you should volunteer 

You should volunteer if you want to:

  1. Share a meaningful and rewarding connection with others,

  2. You enjoy listening and learning from others and sharing about yourself—because you are special too! 

  3. You like to paint nails! You actually do not even have to like to paint nails. We have a strong alumni of youth and CT based Girl Scouts. Please see their reflections on why they volunteer on our Blog- these kids are amazing!

Who can volunteer?

Anyone as young as 3 years old can volunteer.  We ask that a caregiver remain on the premises for children younger than 12. We do have an application form and a brief step-by-step training guide. We maintain the confidentiality of all our volunteers and clients.


We believe that starting young is the way to go. We emphasize the sense of touch through a warm hand soak, the sense of sight through a friendly smile, the sense of sound by clearly saying someone’s name, and the sense of smell through a light lavender lotion. 


Engaging the senses are part of learning and living for both early learners and their older adult peers. Continuing to refine and develop fine motor skills is an added benefit of GrannyMani—and we encourage all children to apply. We have preference for Greater Hartford members.

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