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Donate to GrannyMani

GrannyMani is a registered 501c3. As a non profit your donation is tax deductible. Print your page or save a pdf for tax purposes. 100 percent of all donations go to operating costs including travel for our volunteers and the cost of supplies.


If you choose to donate please tell us who your donation is in honor of and/or your wish for GrannyMani. We believe in the spirt behind which you make your donation and it motivates us. Thank you!


We also acknowledge and appreciate the economic trade-off of caregiving. We want to start our caregivers young with this appreciation as well as with money sense, so we will give them tangible money.  See the break down below.


Donate one Mini Manicure

A mini manicure is for our primary-aged GrannyManicurists. These children assist with lotion, a warm water soak, filing and polish removal-all under the strict supervision of a parent or caregiver. Usually starting at 3 years old.

This is for elementary-aged GrannyManicurist with whom we have worked considerably. We have partnered with our Hartford based chapter of Girl Scouts and are eager to continue. This can include a colorful polish application in addition to the services above.

Donate one Magical Manicure



Donate one Senior Special Manicure

This donations helps with the additional operating costs, including the administrative costs (we are onboarding a 12+ year-old business partner). It could also be used for more than one elementary GrannyManicurist or 4 mini manicures (that’s a lot!).

Thank you for your support!


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