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About Us

GrannyMani began in 2014. Its founder remembered the positive moments she had with her own grandmother when doing her nails. Her grandmother lived and thrived with alzheimer's and dementia in Greater Hartford.  In seeking to recreate these memories she founded GrannyMani. 

Our Mission

GrannyMani’s mission is to build intergenerational connections and we are expanding. Now celebrating our 5th year anniversary, we are going deeper in our mission. 


We are actively extending our reach to a diverse clientele because we believe that all people- of every race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, and ability level deserve a simple luxury.

We have served several low income and diverse communities—and we have served men and women Veterans— Grampies deserve to be Pampi’d too! We just want you to remember our name so we are keeping “GrannyMani”!


We are also expanding our Volunteer base.
Find out more here.

The GrannyMani Experience

Our GrannyManicurists provide a warm hand soak. Then, a light lotion is applied. Our research shows that the sense of touch and connection is important and has many secondary effects. We remove polish and file as needed.  We either leave nails nude, apply clear polish, or at the request of the client provide color. 

We do not accept money from our clients or the people we serveit is too confusing with regard to our mission. It is also too difficult to manage with lotion and wet polish. Donations can be made on our donation page.We DO accept wisdomwe actively seek stories and insights from older adults and the people we serve.

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