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Helping Nursing Home Residents After COVID-19 Subsides

by Katie

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting elderly in nursing homes in several different ways. It is shutting the residents in the nursing homes and shutting out their family and friends. 

Some nursing home residents already don’t have many visitors. So the Coronavirus is making things worse because the virus is isolating them from visitors. The reason why they are being isolated is because they have weaker immune systems, it is harder for them to get better. Therefore, now no one can visit nursing homes except for doctors and nurses. Their families and friends are sad and worried because they can’t visit to see how they're doing. And the residents feel more scared because they miss their loved ones. 

Most residents look forward to group outings; but with the virus going around, outside group outings are prohibited because the staff don't want the residents to get sick. This means no church, no park outings, and no GrannyMani! This further isolation is probably making the residents lonely and disappointed, and they will miss human contact. 

All the more reason to volunteer with GrannyMani when the Coronavirus outbreak has subsided. The residents will really appreciate fun activities like getting a manicure and a hand massage. And the GrannyMani volunteers will cherish the  big difference that they are making in elders' lives.

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