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Our wonderful GrannyMani supporters!

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I had the opportunity to meet Suresh Nair at Uconn's MBA program. He taught me about kindness and compassion when working with a diverse group of students. He engaged students' senses of sight and sound to ensure that they mastered the content at hand. This is what we aim to achieve at GrannyMani- connecting with others through engaging the senses. Thank you Suresh Nair!

Annelieka's donation will facilitate 10 mini-manicurists to form connections with older adults. I am grateful that Annelieka took the time to review our site and our mission. Maybe her granddaughter will volunteer with GM. Mostly I am grateful for our talks and our friendship.

I have known Ali since 2011. He is deeply committed to creating inclusive communities. His donation to GrannyMani shows his belief in GrannyMani’s mission: to provide kindness, compassion and empathy. Thank you Ali for your generous donation.

I have known Aunt Sue since I was born. Aunt Sue coined the name GrannyMani. She is creative, hard working and extremely generous. She currently is devoted to the care of her own father. Aunt Sue has always supported my passions. Thank you Aunt Sue for your donation to GrannyMani! She is a multiple time donor. Thank you Aunt Sue for your generous donation this holiday season.

Heidi continues to support GrannyMani. She is a multiple time donor. Thank you Heidi for your generous donation this holiday season.

Molly and I studied together at Boston College. We shared many wonderful conversations. Conversations are a large part of GrannyMani. Molly’s donation demonstrates that she understands the work we do- having conversations and sharing a connection with older adults. I also have a wonderful memory with Molly- we went to Natchez Mississippi to volunteer at a school. Thank you Molly for your service to many and your support to GM!

I have known Nan since I was born. Nan is truly one of the most generous people I know. She serves others via her church, visits her mom weekly, and serves older adults throughout CT. She cares for her mom’s nails. Nan, I cannot thank you enough for being an inspiration to GrannyMani and for your donation.

I met Al via my mom’s cousin Sue. Al is a professor. He is also a world traveler. I always enjoy my conversations with Al. I think Al appreciates good conversations too. Good conversations are a crucial part of GrannyMani. Thank you Al for your generous donation and for continuing the connections and conversations we have with older adults.

I have known Kristine since Middle School. We played the clarinet and sat next to each other in band. Many years later we also went to Boston College together. Kristine is one of the nicest, kindest, and most sincere people I know. I am thankful to have reconnected with her in recent years, most recently we talked about GrannyMani. Her generous donation to GrannyMani means a lot- thank you so much Kristine!!!

I have known Joe since 2005. We were volunteers in the Empalme of Boaco, Nicaragua. Joe is so funny, smart and entrepreneurial! He is also a very generous supporter of GrannyMani. I am delighted to have reconnected with Joe and I am over the moon grateful for his donation. Thanks Hermano Joe for taking GrannyMani to the next level!

I met Madelyne and Jerry in March 2016 when they were visiting their mother, Millie. Millie is always very friendly and kind. She seems to enjoy the conversation even more than the light manicure. Through conversation I also learned about about Madelyne and Jerry and their lives in CA. These are the experiences GrannyMani is about- facilitating connections with warmth and compassion. Thank you Madelyne and Jerry for believing in GrannyMani’s mission!

I have known Catherine since I was in middle school. When I think of Catherine a smile comes to a face and a flood of happy memories enter my mind. Catherine is a genuinely sincere and kind person- my mom is always saying “have you heard the great things that Catherine is up to?” I remember fun times together in the middle school drama performance, summer camp and Christmas caroling parties. I also remember that Catherine was very close with her own grandparents. Catherine supports a very important organization, Autism Families CONNECTicut; I am grateful that she also supports GrannyMani. Thank you so much Catherine!

Wow—I do not even know Leah personally… What I know is that she generously supports GrannyMani. Her donation shows that she believes in GrannyMani’s mission to serve older adults. I am grateful that she took the opportunity to visit our site and learn about the work we do. I can only imagine how much she cares for older adults in her own community. Contributions like Leah’s inspire me to try to spread our work beyond VA and CT. Thank you Leah!

I have known Mrs. A since I was a swimmer on the Barracudas Swim Team. More recently I had the chance to sit with and spend time with her in San Fransisco at our friend, Carlie’s, wedding. Mrs. A is a social worker and has helped others as her career and in her personal life. Her donation to GrannyMani means so very much. It shows that she believes in our work and mission. I also greatly appreciate her “likes” on social media! Thank you!

I have known Carlie since Middle School. She is funny, fun and gets along with everyone- young and old. I remember she was very dedicated to her own grandmother. I also know that she has been very dedicated to her husbands’ grandma, “abuela.” Carlie serves others daily as a nurse and she knows what it means to provide quality care- it means so much that she donated and spreads the word about GrannyMani- thank you Carlie and Jair!

I have known Kathleen since I was in Middle School. What I remember most about Kathleen is her beautiful voice. It is a gift she shares with others. When she was in the High School Choir with my brother and other classmates she would visit older adults and sing. Kathleen and her family are very environmentally and socially conscious- their support of GrannyMani means so much. Thank you Kathleen, Danny and Clara!

Thank you to all our supporters!

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