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Why are you a valuable GrannyManicurist?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Reflections from Girl Scouts in CT:

I am a valuable grannymanicurist because I can talk to the seniors with ease. I also have some kind of skill in painting nails. — A.L.

I think I am a valuable grannymanicurist because I can learn new techniques easily and I like talking to the elderly and learning about their lives. — K.H.

I like to paint my cousin’s nails and think it would be fun to paint nails in my free time. — K.W.

I love to spend time with older people and I think it’s a great experience not only to make them feel welcome but also to learn from them. — R. C.

Because I am patient and I like to volunteer here. I had fun and I learned a lot. I like to talk with the older people so they can feel appreciated. — E.S.

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